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Lakewood CO Deck Builders specialises in residential in renovating and installation of beautiful outdoor components that enhances the look of your property.

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We install pergolas that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. If you want to remodel the backyard, put a pergola adjacent to the house, in the building rooftop or in your backyard as a landscaping component, we can do it all for you. Our experts are trained and experienced in custom-designs and construction of creative and beautiful pergolas for the people of Lakewood.

Why install pergola?

Provide shade

Roofed pergolas near the property provide shade to the part of the house. During hot summer days, the shade can be quite welcoming. Our experts have multiple creative ideas for building pergola shades that make the perfect refuge on hot summer days.

Spending time with family and friends

Pergolas in your property is perfect for an outdoor hangout place for your friends and family. You can conduct parties without having to clean up mess from your living room, your carpet and furniture. You can have the kitchen free to cook, keep the food without having to tackle a sea of people inside the house.

Beautify your property

Pergola acts as a centerpiece for your landscape. A beautifully built pergola brings scenic beauty. If there is something you need to invest on that will increase the property and bring attention to your property then it is installing pergolas.

Pergola in the garden

Pergolas in the garden with creeper plants, Ivys, orchids enhance the look of your garden. They take your garden to another level. A simple pergola covers the walkway, or the flower beds can create an aesthetic you will love. If you are a gardening lover, you definitely invest in pergolas.

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Why choose us?

Licensed & Insured
Lakewood CO Deck Builders are licensed and insured by the Colorado state government. We take special care of our employees and make sure they are always protected. They are trained to be the best and protected by worker’s compensation laws in case of an accident at the workplace.

Expert Management
We know how to manage projects. We manage big and small projects with equal efficiency. We have years of experience in managing all kinds of home renovation and remodeling projects so you can trust us at all times.

Competitive Pricing
All our services are reasonably priced. From labour charges to product prices, we never cheat on you. Everything is fairly priced and competitive in nature with similar companies. You get the best quality service and product at an affordable price.

You get more than one year of warranty for our products and installed services.

After Job Cleanup
Unlike most remodeling companies we do not leave with a mess behind us. You can expect a completely clean yard and property once we are done.

We believe that making your ideal pergola or any other outdoor component, communication is important. We need to be able to know your ideas and keep you informed at every step of the way.
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