FAQ About Deck Building

What types of wood is best for building my deck?

Oak wood, cedar, pine wood are some of the kinds we use for building decks. The decks are pressure treated with chemicals to increase its longevity. Normal wooden slabs wouldn’t last a month if not treated. Pressure treating wood makes them resistant to water, pests such as termites and ants and mold development. The woods can without natural elements such as harsh sun and rainwater.

How long do wooden decks last?

They can last in good condition for more than 15 years, after that you might have to perform minor repairs like changing the rotting wood slabs, replacing the nails, repainting etc. For your decks to last a long time you maintain your decks by cleaning them, staining them every few months to keep in good shape.

How much does it cost to put up decks?

They cost anywhere near $1500 to $15000. It depends on the design, the type of wood, the area and the tarrain.to know the accurate amount you must ask for a representative to visit your property to atke thorough look at your property.

How long would it take to build a deck?

Again, the time depends on the type of deck, the size, the design etc. our skilled team will do it as soon as possible but it can still take 1 to 2 weeks or longer for larger projects.

Will my deck hold up against snow or rainfall?

Yes, the wood used for decks is resistant to water and does not absorb water as much. They also get dry fairly easily. The pressure treatment makes them resistant to mold development so you don’t have to worry about the deck getting damaged in the rain.

Will You install a shade above the deck?

Yes, we do provide the service of installing pergolas, arbours and shades for your outdoor decks.
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